My videos aren't working

Please accept ALL 6 invitations from Google Classroom on June 19.

Mrs. Baragar must do a manual sync between Google Classroom and Ed Puzzle in order for the videos to work. She does this sync once per day. Everyone who accepts the Google Classroom invitations on June 19 will have access to the videos as soon as they are ready to begin.

If you wait to accept the Google Classroom, invitations, you will likely end up having to wait to get started.

Do we have assignment deadlines?

You have one deadline only. 

July 26.

All work needs to be completed by 11:59pm on July 24 as the grades MUST be loaded into Alberta Education’s database on July 25.

Can we have any extensions on the deadline?

This is kind of a two-part answer.

To earn the Chromebook? No. Deadlines cannot be extended in this case.

To earn the credit for the module in progress? If you find yourself in this position, please reach out to Mrs. Baragar directly, as it may be possible to still receive the credit for the work in progress.

Do we have classes or Google Meets that we are required to attend?

No. You will be given access to the modules on June 19, and you will work at your own pace. There are no physical or virtual classes to attend.

Do we get the Chromebook if we don't complete 6 modules?


What is the difference between Task-Based and Project-Based modules?

Task-based modules have a number of activities for you to complete, but each one is separate and unique from the others.

Project-based modules are centered around a larger purpose. All the activities in these modules are connected around a common theme.

What do we do when we finish a module?

You can email Mrs. Baragar if you wish to notify her. For the first couple weeks, she only grades work twice weekly. As the 6 weeks progress, she increases this to daily, as the volume of student submissions increases.


    Each time you successfully complete a course, you will receive an email (after Mrs. Baragar has graded your work) notifying you of the course completion.
If we finish less than 6 modules, do we get credits for the ones we have finished?


For example, if you complete four modules, you will not receive a Chromebook, but you will have four credits logged toward your grade 12 graduation.

If we need help can we get help?


Students are always welcome to email Mrs. Baragar directly (her email will be provided inside Google Classroom), and responses will be provided directly via email as well.

Finally, if Google Meet is needed as a tool for one-on-one or one-to-many assistance, Mrs. Baragar will be available to set up those types of support as well.

What kind of Chromebook will we receive?

That is a question that can’t be answered at this point in time; the specific model for the Chromebook will be determined based on logistics, availability and other considerations after July 27. Our priority is to try to have the devices arrive in September so that students have them as soon as possible. These factors will come in to play in August when we make the order.

When will we get our Chromebooks?

Mrs. Baragar will personally deliver them to schools in September.  She is as excited to give them to you as you are to receive them, so there will be no delay. If the Chromebooks are here by the first day of school, she will be on the road delivering them starting that day.

How do we get our credits?

There is nothing you need to do. Mrs. Baragar will take care of all that in the same way that your other teachers take care of that when you complete your courses.